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“Spectacle! at The North End” brings together doc|UWM alumni

doc|UWM alumni Kurt Raether has produced Spectacle! at The North End, a film in six genres(Silent, Space, Noir, Fantasy, Musical, Independent). Written by Raether and W.C. Tank, the project was commissioned by the Mandel Group to Plaid Tuba and Honeycomb Productions for an installation at The North End.

Many other doc|UWM alumni are also involved with the project, including John Roberts, Carol Brandt, Quinn Hester, Becky Cofta, Maxwell Larsen, Ryan Reeve and David Busse. Congratulations to all the doc|UWM alum and all the other fine Milwaukee filmmakers who worked tirelessly to pull of this spectacle.

Silent directed by Andrew Swant

Space directed by WC Tank

Noir directed by Eric Ljung

Fantasy directed by John Roberts

Musical directed by Kurt Raether

Independent directed by Carol Brandt

The film will premiere tonight at The North End apartments on 1551 N. Water St from 6pm to 9pm.




When we aren’t busy making documentaries we try to spend time watching documentaries. It’s not always easy, but it has gotten easier since doc|UWM’s project director, Ryan, started posting links to free online documentaries. It’s all via his Tumblr – DocuHoliday and we’ll feature some of the more choice selections here on our blog. You can also find the whole lineup of documentaries that presented by DocuHoliday in our blog’s sidebar. Enjoy.