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4/14 – MKE Day

Today, very cleverly marks, Milwaukee Day 2016. Doc|UWM has been busy with several projects that we are looking to start releasing soon!

As for the video today we have one of six talented artists that will have the to be playing at Turner Hall tonight at 5:30 for Milwaukee day.  Lex Allen gave us the privilege to enjoy and record a show he performed for 88.9 Radio Milwaukee. We also had the pleasure of going on an adventure with him for the Cream City Soundcheck series (again, more to come on that soon, stay tuned!).

This is “Cream and Sugar” featuring another wonderful Milwaukee artist, Webster X.


Kim Jong Un, shootouts and puppy chow~

The UWM Office Of Undergraduate Research Office has a fantastic program where incoming freshman stay in the dorms for a month, make new friends, and have a great time getting adjusted to college life while they are also getting paid to work in a research setting. We were fortunate this past summer to have two students, James Kuckkan and Sydney McBee, interning at doc|UWM through this program. Please read this expressive reflection from James about his experience:

I saw a documentary once.  It was about a team of filmmakers who subverted North Korean security by posing as medical documentarians so they could examine the inner workings of the ironclad country and expose what really goes on in the land North of the 38th Parallel.

So, when I received a letter from the Office of Undergraduate Research offering me an opportunity to work as an Intern at doc|UWM, my expectations were slightly distorted.  What kind of  hard-hitting, jaw-dropping exposes would I bear witness to while a part of the doc|UWM team?  Would we expose the twisted vines of corruption snaking through local, and possibly even state governmental offices? Would we find ourselves in the middle of a firefight while doing a piece on a turf-war between rival gangs and the socio-economic impact of that turf-war on the community? If so, how would I survive? Would I need snacks?  Maybe some juice?   

This is not what I found at doc|UWM. Instead, I stumbled upon a hidden gem tucked away in the warrens of Milwaukee. An enclave of filmmakers, artists, collaborators, and most importantly, good people who were and are willing to teach me and others the ins and outs of film as I take my first tentative steps along the collegiate path.     

I have learned so much in only three weeks, not only about my craft and its intricacies, but about what it means to be a facet of a group such as doc|UWM.  Whether I was transcribing interviews—a necessary evil that turned my brain to cold oatmeal, in the best possible way–or practicing cinematographic techniques with the students who call the program home, or even out on an actual shoot, operating the camera and interacting with the wonderful subjects of doc|UWM’s most recent project, I was doing something I had never done at any job before–I was having fun. Never before have I encountered a group of people, professionals, who are not only incredibly personable, but also incredibly willing to take time from their daily tasks to help me with my own work. It’s an oddity that I am thankful for in a world that needs more like it.     

Though I may not be infiltrating North Korea, pummeling Senatorial perpetrators, or munching on puppy chow during a gunfight, my time at doc|UWM has been worth tenfold of the aforementioned activities. The experiences I’ve had, the knowledge I’ve accrued, and the confidence I’ve been able to muster–with a lot of help from my friends–is invaluable.  It’s worth all the Kim Jong Uns and shootouts and puppy chow in the world.     

Because through it all I’ve made friends.   And I’d be a fool not to be thankful for that.

-James Kuckkan 

Meet Victor Murkowski


Victor Roman Murkowski is from Wausau, Wisconsin. He is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and currently in the process of completing a Film/Video degree.  Victor can best be described as a self motivated and goal oriented individual devoted to achieving a long career in film/television production. He is fascinated by political and religious debates and is a long time supporter of personal freedom. He consistently advocates the usefulness of comedy, fitness, science and world history.  Victor has wrote, edited, and directed his own feature film called ShArDs of HOPE. This non-profit film is currently being used as an awareness film in hopes to prevent suicide.  ShArDs of HOPE is being distributed around Wisconsin through NAMI and other regional programs.

Favorite Documentaries
-Pumping Iron
-For Liberty
-I Am Bruce Lee
-James Bond: The True Story
-Jesus Camp

Favorite Bands
-The Beatles
-David Bowie
-The Clash
-Led Zeppelin
-The Who

Favorite Concert Experiences
-Crystal Method (Stellar Spark 6 at the Rave)
-LMFAO (The Rave)
-Blink 182 (Marcus Amphitheater)
-Limp Bizkit (Rock USA)
-Girl Talk (Pantherfest 2011)
-Roc Raida (Stellar Spark 6 at the Rave)

Favorite Milwaukee Places
-The Oriental Theatre
-Brady Street
-Milwaukee Art Museum
-Marcus Amphitheater
-Milwaukee Public Market
-Miller Park

For more information about the Cream City Soundcheck project, visit

docUWM is a Community Partner for The Ambassador at the Milwaukee Film Festival

The Ambassador












Denmark | 2011 | 93 min | Danish/English/French/Sango with English subtitles

Director: Mads Brügger

In this unbelievable act of gonzo journalism, Sundance Grand Prize winner Mads Brügger (The Red Chapel, MFF 2010) sneaks hidden cameras into the Central African Republic’s underworld of political corruption. By adopting the persona of an international businessman—complete with power suit and sunglasses—he tracks diamond smugglers through a dangerous maze of murders and bribery schemes, jabbing even the scariest characters with his absurdly funny barbs.

The Ambassador Official Website

The Ambassador Official Trailer

Screening Dates




Click here to buy tickets to the film.

Community Partners
UWM Scandinavian Studies Certificate Program

For more information, visit

ThirdCoast Digest Wants Interns

Our good friends over at ThirdCoast Digest are on the lookout for interns. Video interns! Click here for the direct link or see the information below. Dan Shafer is a cool guy. Don’t be scared to send him your cover letter, resume and samples.

Good luck!

Video Intern, ThirdCoast Digest


ThirdCoast Digest, Milwaukee’s online portal for arts, culture, news, events, and community, is now accepting applications for a video internship for fall 2012. Get hands-on experience in the rapidly changing landscape of online publishing and journalism at a dynamic and growing web venture.


Video interns are asked to work a minimum of 10 hours a week at TCD, both in the office, remotely, and in the field, for about 10-12 weeks. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Shooting general video assignments
  • Working to expand and develop with TCD’s editorial team
  • Editing and producing video content
  • Working with TCD’s team of interns to edit and promote TCD’s Events Calendar


  • Access to a good camera and video editing software
  • Journalism and/or web development/production experience
  • Ability to prioritize assignments and meet short deadlines


This is an unpaid internship, but we offer college credit to students currently enrolled in colleges and universities, depending on the requirements of your program. However, you do not have to be enrolled in school to be an intern at ThirdCoast Digest.


Please send a cover letter, resume and a minimum of two samples of your work to Managing Editor Dan Shafer, at

Deadline is September 5, 2012 for fall internships.

Cream City Soundcheck Celebration

We’re having a party!

On Thursday, September 13th, Cream City Soundcheck is throwing a party to celebrate the kickoff for a second round of videos and the launch of our student-designed website at Turner Hall. With performances from local bands Kane Place Record ClubThe Fatty Acids and RAS Movement featuring Naima Adedapo, it promises to be a fantastic night of live music! Plus, our videos will be playing on the big screen!

You can get more information from the Pabst Theater website or the Cream City Soundcheck Celebration Facebook event. Follow us for updates on food vendors, new partners and never-ending Milwaukee greatness on our Twitter page.

Mark your calenders!

Meet the Summer Interns

For the next few weeks, docUWM has two interns from UWM’s Office of Undergraduate Research. Monika Oliver and Danielle Stobb are assisting with a wide variety of tasks, including scouting Milwaukee places for Cream City Soundcheck: Part II and providing commentary for works in progress. Get to know Monika and Danielle below by reading our Q&A with them!

Meet Monika!

Monika Oliver hails from Wrightstown, WI and plans to study photography this coming fall at UWM. So far, her favorite thing about Milwaukee is the vibrant social and music scene.

Favorite documentary: African Cats

Favorite band: Walk the Moon

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Favorite social media site: Tumblr

Favorite director: Sam Mendez

Idol: Juliette Sims

Go-to movie: Wayne’s World

Favorite place in Milwaukee: The Rave

Hobbies: Listening to music and going to concerts

Meet Danielle!

Danielle Stobb comes from Green Lake, WI and plans to study Film this coming fall at UWM. What she enjoys most about Milwaukee is it’s busyness and architecture.

Favorite documentary: Catfish

Favorite band: Mumford & Sons

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite social media site: Pintrest

Favorite director: Marc Webb

Idol: Zooey Deschanel

Go-to movie: Fun with Dick and Jane

Favorite place in Milwaukee: Art museum

Hobbies: Reading and watching movies

Welcome to the office, ladies!