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Beloit International Film Festival


Today  is the start of the Beloit International Film Festival (BIFF) which run through Sunday February 17, 2013. BIFF celebrates its eighth year of promoting the power of film and this year two doc|UWM films are showing at the festival. My Way Home and Passing the Baton will be playing multiple times throughout the weekend so do not miss your chance to see both of these films as well as the many other great films. Plus, My Way Home has even been nominated for a “BIFFY” award. So, keep your fingers crossed.

My Way Home


Thursday(Feb.14):  10:00 pm –  Rotary Center  BUY
Saturday(Feb.16): 11:00 am – Rock County Historical Society  BUY
Saturday(Feb.16): 1:30 pm – Cheese People/ Nikki’s Café  BUY

Passing the Baton


Thursday(Feb.14): 10:00 pm  –  Eclipse Center  BUY
Saturday(Feb.16): 1:30 pm – La Casa Grande  BUY

If you find yourself in Beloit we hope you catch both of these great films!


DVDs for Sale

doc|UWM is now selling two of our feature length documentary projects via

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Passing the Baton presents a multi-faceted view of a small organization that made a big impact on its community. The Milwaukee Striders Track Club was started to provide Milwaukee boys and girls an opportunity to build their track, academic, and civic skills through participation in a community characterized by hard work and love. For over 30 years, the Striders ran on the dedication of its founder Joe Sims and what little charitable handouts he could gather from the community. Often, he used his own money to keep the club running and to give African-American youth in Milwaukee something productive to do during their summer months. In 2009 Joe Sims passed away, but not before passing the baton to a new era of coaches and volunteers who are working hard to carry on the values and principles that helped Joe Sims turn the Striders into a premiere track club.

This feature length documentary film looks back at Joe Sims’ legacy. It follows a new generation of Striders runners, coaches, and families as they attempt to carry on the values and principles that helped Joe Sims turn the Striders into a premiere track club. Assembled from over 250 hours off footage shot by first-time filmmakers Passing the Baton comes together to present a unique look at a few generous souls dedicated to improving the lives of the youth in their community through hard work and athleticism.

DVD include:

  • the feature length film
  • a short video portrait of the team
  • the trailer for the film
  • outtake scenes

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40% of each individual dvd sale goes directly back to the Joe Sims Milwaukee Striders Track Club!


My Way Home is a documentary film that chronicles a young Hmong – American woman’s journey to reconnect with her past. Born in the jungles of Laos but raised in the United States, twenty-two year old Hmong filmmaker Dao Chang wants to make films about her culture. The only problem is she doesn’t know much about it. Seeking information about the war that changed her family’s destiny and her mother who died in a refugee camp, Dao turns to her father, who protects her from the past. Desperate for answers, Dao travels to Laos in search of an aunt who stayed behind. What she finds is far from what she imagined.

My Way Home has played on Wisconsin Public Television, the Milwaukee Film Festival, and the Wisconsin Film Festival where it won the Golden Badger Award.

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Libraries or universities looking to purchase either of these titles should contact doc|UWM directly for institutional pricing.