Meet Quoc Quan Le

Quoc Quan Le

Quoc Quan Le was born and raised in the city of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He graduated from Oshkosh North where he excelled in sports like football and track. Early exposure to photography and a close bond with friends helped him realize the beauty and joy in filmmaking which led him to UW-Milwaukee. He has interned for Food Network and Milwaukee Film.


Favorite Documentaries
-Being Elmo
-Jiro Dreams of Sushi
-Man on Wire


Favorite Bands
-The Killers
-Bon Iver
-The Script
-Taylor Swift


Favorite Concert Experiences
-The Killers
-Taylor Swift
-Brandon Flowers
-Spilled Canvas
-Lupe Fiasco


Favorite Milwaukee Places
-Pabst Theatre
-Rosebud Cinema
-Kopp’s Frozen Custard
-Whitnall Park
-Miller Brewing Company


For more information about the Cream City Soundcheck project, visit


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