Meet Allie Bevaqua

Allie Bevacqua

Allie Bevaqua is a film student at UW-Milwaukee in her senior year. She was born in Ohio and moved to Wisconsin when she was eleven. As a movie lover from a young age, it didn’t take her long to realize that she wanted to do more with films than just watch them. Wisconsin proved to be a great environment for filmmaking, especially Milwaukee. So when the time came to choose a school, UWM was the clear choice. In her spare time she works at a movie theater, enjoys cooking and traveling with her family and friends. Allie is extremely excited for this class and cannot wait to expand her film-making repertoire.
Favorite Documentaries



-Roger & Me

-An Inconvenient Truth

-Grizzly Man

-Side by Side
Favorite Bands

-System of a Down

-The Rolling Stones


-The Chemical Brothers


-The Grateful Dead

-Bob Dylan
Favorite Milwaukee Places  

-The Oriental Theater

-Milwaukee County Zoo

-Milwaukee Public Market

-Mitchell Park Domes

-Milwaukee Art Museum

-Pabst Mansion


For more information about the Cream City Soundcheck project, visit


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