Meet Moira Tracey

Moira Tracey was born in Oakland, California, but grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Going to all arts school from elementary to high school, creativity has become ingrained in her everyday practices. Becoming a film major was a major step away from playing the violin which she had been doing for 15 years. However once entering the film department at UW-Milwaukee, filmmaking came naturally and Moira is so grateful to be apart of such a wonderful film program. Along with being a Film major, Moira is also a French minor and she plans to study abroad in France. She hopes to study film in Paris and to be able to make large strives in the French film industry. But for right now, everyday is a new experience and Moira can’t get enough of it!

Favorite Documentaries
-Bill Cunningham New York
-Jiro Dreams of Sushi
-Night and Fog
-Sans Soliel

Favorite Bands 
-Vampire Weekend
-Buddy Holly
-Elvis Presley
-The Beatles
-Cee Lo Green

Favorite Concert Experiences
-Panic! at the Disco
-Plain White T’s
-Flaming Lips

Favorite Milwaukee Places
-Kopps Frozen Custard
-Ethiopian Cottage
-Oriental Theatre
-Humane Society
-The Milwaukee Public Museum

For more information about the Cream City Soundcheck project, visit


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