Alumni Reunion

It’s always nice to hear back from alum working in field, especially when they are helping one another out. Brady Holden and Robyn Braun first worked together in 2006 on our Elder Abuse project. This week they reunited in New York City.

Brady wrote to tell us about a new project he’s working on for Northern Light Productions, “So, we’re profiling 5 people around the U.S. about any financial hardship they’ve experienced and highlighting the changes they’ve made to their spending and savings habits that may position themselves to a better retirement…I hired Robyn semi-last minute because all of our sound-skilled-staff-members were unavailable and I knew Robyn was in NY.” Robyn adds, “At first I wasn’t sure if I’d be free so I recommended some sound friends to Brady, but they were all busy.  Then my regular gig editing Alien Dawn for Nickelodeon went dark so I actually got the whole week off and everything worked out!  It was great to work with Brady again and shoot a little interview, just like old times. “


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